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Aura Profile Management Services (APMS)

We at Aura Profile Management Services (APMS) are an army of ferocious marketing and PR professionals on a mission to build your portfolio and reputation across the globe. With Honorary doctorates, awards and accolades, memberships in reputed organization, book publication, complete digital profile (Website, Wikipedia page, Press Releases in various publications) and media coverage, our team of experts shape your identity, transform your image and help you in fulfilling your brand building objectives easily. An ISO 9001:2011 company, we have been creating as well as crafting the most superior profile and portfolio across various industry verticals through well-defined processes and most authentic procedures. As a portfolio management services company, APMS is committed to build your presence, increase your status and position through well-defined processes and most authentic procedures. Transforming your personal profile into a strong dynamic portfolio, our portfolio management services in India bestows you with an opportunity to escalate your visibility, widen your reach and be a renowned name in the industry and vertical that you are in – Business, Education, Social Work,Film Industry, Sports etc.

  • At Aura Profile Management Services, we strictly adhere to our promise and live by A.P.M.S.
  • We believe in being AUTHENTIC in our policies by being transparent
  • We strive to be PROFESSIONAL in everything we do
  • Our sincere attempt is to MAGNIFY your portfolio and profile so as to make it all the more MARKETABLE

And above all, WE are a one-stop solution and destination offering and delivering portfolio management, profile building and reputation management services for individuals as well as brands in various domains.

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Upcoming Event at Navi Mumbai

Date of Events : 20-07-2024
Timing : 11 AM - 3 PM
Venue : The Regenza by Tunga Sector 30A, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400703.
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Upcoming Event at Delhi

Date of Events : 06-07-2024
Timing : 11AM - 3PM
Venue : CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL District Centre, 13 B, Mayur Place, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi - 110091 .
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Last Event At Kanyakumar

Date of Events : 08-10-2023
Timing : 11 AM - 3 PM
Venue : Kovalam Rd, opp. to bus stand, Kanniyakumari, Tamil Nadu 629702 .
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Wikipedia Profile Crafting

Your online presence is crucial, and our Wikipedia Profile Crafting service is designed to enhance and maintain a positive and accurate representation of you or your brand. Our experts meticulously curate content, ensuring it meets Wikipedia guidelines while highlighting your achievements and contributions. We work to create a comprehensive and engaging Wikipedia page that aligns seamlessly with your personal or professional identity.

What Do You Get:

• Meticulous content curation
• Alignment with Wikipedia guidelines
• Highlighting achievements and contributions
• Ongoing profile maintenance

News Websites PR

Make waves in the digital world with our News Website PR service. We specialize in crafting compelling press releases and strategically pitching them to reputable news websites. We are connected with 200+ news websites and portals. By securing positive coverage, we help you build a strong online presence and generate buzz around your achievements, ensuring your story reaches a wide audience.

What Do You Get:

• Compelling press release creation
• Strategic press publication in reputable and top news websites (200+)
• Positive coverage generation
• Buzz creation around achievements
• Online presence enhancement

Become AN Author

Dive into the world of literary excellence with our Book Writing and Publication service. Our team of experienced writers collaborates closely with you to capture the essence of your ideas and transform them into a captivating manuscript. From the initial concept to the final published work and listing on Amazon, Flipkart, we guide you through each step, ensuring that your book receives the attention it deserves in the competitive literary landscape.

What Do You Get:

• Collaborative manuscript development
• Conceptualization to publication support
• Expert writers specialized in various genres
• Tailored publishing strategies
• Book Listing on AmazonFlipkart
• Comprehensive editing and proofreading services

Honorary Doctorate And Awards

Based on your remarkable work, extensive experience, and outstanding accomplishments, Aura Profile Management Services (APMS) in collaboration with its network of esteemed universities is proud to offer individuals, including business entrepreneurs, professionals, social activists, celebrities, educationists, sports personalities, and leaders, an esteemed opportunity to receive an honorary degree or a PhD honorary award from renowned global universities.


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TV Interview

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Cover Story in Magazine

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Animated and Voice over Adverts

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Membership and Accreditation

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Personal Name Website

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Digital Promotion

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Academic Ph.D. Assistance

Beat the complexities of academia with our Academic Ph.D. Assistance service. Our experts provide comprehensive support, from refini... READ MORE

Thesis and Publication

Showcase your academic achievements with our Thesis and Publication service. We provide assistance in preparing, editing, and publis... READ MORE

Book of Records

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy for brands to connect with their target audience authentically and effective... READ MORE

Rajiv S. - Book Writing Services

Aura Profile Management Services (APMS) crafted my story into a masterpiece. The book cover design, title brainstorming, and their commitment to detail made my journey as an author truly special. Their collaborative approach turned my vision into a literary reality.

Ananya M. - Wikipedia Profile Crafting

Aura elevated my online presence with a meticulously crafted Wikipedia profile. Their expertise and attention to authenticity were commendable. The result was not just a profile but a digital identity that truly reflected my achievements.

Amit D. - Celebrity Promotion

Aura's celebrity promotion services brought me into the spotlight. Their strategic approach and media connections truly set them apart. Their ability to align my personal brand with relevant platforms was impressive.

Neha R. - News Website PR

In the fast-paced digital world, Aura's news website PR ensured my story reached the right audiences. They delivered beyond expectations. Their understanding of the media landscape gave my story the visibility it deserved.

Kunal H. - TV Interview

Being featured in a TV interview by Aura was a game-changer. Their professionalism and media relations made the experience seamless. They not only facilitated the interview but also ensured it resonated with my audience.

Suman B. - Cover Story in Magazine

Aura's ability to secure a cover story in a magazine exceeded my expectations. Their understanding of storytelling truly shines. The narrative they created not only captured attention but also conveyed my journey authentically.

Aditi K. - Animated and Voice-over Adverts

Aura's animated adverts added a dynamic touch to my brand. The creativity and attention to the brand's essence were truly impressive. Their ability to infuse storytelling into the animations created a lasting impact.

Harsh V. - Membership and Accreditation

Aura's guidance in securing memberships and accreditations enhanced my credibility. Their knowledge of industry standards is unmatched. Their assistance went beyond paperwork; they helped me position myself as an industry expert.

Prisha G. - Personal Name Website

Aura Profile Management Services (APMS) gave me a personal name website that reflects my identity. The design, content, and functionality surpassed my vision. The website not only showcases my achievements but also serves as a dynamic platform for personal branding.

Vikram S. - Academic Ph.D. Assistanc

Aura's support in my academic journey was invaluable. From thesis assistance to publication, they navigated the complexities with expertise. Their attention to detail and commitment to academic standards made the entire process smoother.

Mala A. - Digital Promotion

Aura's digital promotion services propelled my brand into the online sphere. Their strategic approach to social media, SEO, and online marketing was commendable. The increased visibility translated into tangible growth for my business.

Dr. Pranav R. - Academic Thesis and Publication

As a Ph.D. scholar, Aura's assistance in thesis writing and publication was a scholarly blessing. Their team of subject experts ensured academic rigor, and their understanding of the publication process made my research accessible to a wider audience.

Ritu S. - Aura's Comprehensive Services

Working with Aura was an all-encompassing experience. From crafting my book to elevating my online presence and securing media coverage, they provided a holistic solution. Their commitment to excellence shone through every aspect of their services.

Akshay M. - Aura's Team of Writers

The writing team at Aura brought my narrative to life. Their ability to capture my voice and express my ideas surpassed my expectations. The collaborative process ensured that the final output was not just a book but my story told authentically.

Tanvi B. - Aura's Media Relations

Aura's prowess in media relations became evident during my TV interview. Their connections and strategic approach ensured that the interview reached the right audience. Their professionalism and attention to detail made the entire experience memorable.

Sanjay P. - Aura's Digital Expertise

In the digital age, Aura's expertise in digital promotion is unparalleled. Their understanding of online platforms, trends, and audience behavior helped shape my brand's online identity. Their digital strategies translated into tangible results.

Ankita R. - Aura's Unique Approach

What sets Aura Profile Management Services (APMS) apart is their unique approach to storytelling. From the book cover design to crafting a Wikipedia profile, they didn't just create content; they curated an experience. Their commitment to authenticity made every service exceptional.

Rahul N. - Aura's Networking

Aura's networking prowess was evident in the opportunities they secured for me. From magazine covers to TV interviews, their ability to connect with relevant platforms and individuals was instrumental in expanding my reach.

Simran K. - Aura Profile Management Services (APMS) Branding Impact

The impact of Aura's branding services extended beyond the visible. Their strategic approach to branding not only enhanced my public image but also created a cohesive narrative across various platforms. Their attention to detail is truly commendable.

Vivek R. - Aura's Continued Support

Beyond providing services, Aura's continued support stands out. Their dedication to the success of my projects, even after completion, reflects their commitment to long-term partnerships. Working with Aura Profile Management Services (APMS) is an investment in ongoing success.

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National Impact Award 2024 Mumbai

National Impact Award 2024 Mumbai

National Impact Award 2024 Mumbai

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